Tuesday, February 22, 2000

the Voodoo Funk 45rpm series

Get them here

These will be exclusively available at manzanitasoundrecords. I'm intentionally bypassing all distributors, mail orders and other retailers.


zim said...

Hey Frank,

are they available individually or only as a set of three?

Frank said...

I don't know.

Right now they seem be only offered in sets only. I have nothing at all to do with selling these. I only had them manufactured and then shipped them off to the ebay seller. I don't mind which way he sells them so if anybody has any questions in this regard, please contact the seller directly. I'd buy them quick though cause there are not too many copies left and there will not be a repress

Tom said...

How many were pressed?

Anonymous said...

Fuck yea !!!!! Why woukd you want to buy just one? They are all nothing but heat!! Thanks again for these 45s ! Keep them coming and please don't forget the Marijata lp you promised us. Peace. ✌

Frank said...

500 copies each. The artists are paid $400 per track / $800 per 45 which is more than what most other re-issuers pay for non-limiten releases.

Frank said...

To answer any further qoestions anybody could have about these 45s: The only seller who sells them is http://www.ebay.com/usr/manzanitasoundrecords . We are keeping these out of the hands of any distributors or record stores.

The 45s will be offered for sale sporadically and over a time frame of several months just to make sure that everybody has a chance to get their copies. Only one copy of each 45 will be sold per customer to prevent hoarding and re-sale for profit. Once the 500 copies per release have run out they will be gone.

The best way to make sure not to miss any of these would be to follow Manzanitasoundrecords on Ebay so you get alerted whenever these 45s become available for sale.